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Finding the Swapcard app crash logs on iOS
Finding the Swapcard app crash logs on iOS
Updated over a week ago

When troubleshooting Swapcard for iOS application crashes, our Support Team may request a crash log to determine what has happened. For this, we need the affected user to find the logs in their iOS device' Settings app.

Finding the logs in your iOS device

  1. Open the Settings app

  2. Tap Privacy

  3. Tap Analytics & Improvements

  4. Tap Analytics Data

  5. Scroll down and select any item that starts with Swapcard and shows the date you encountered the crash


Once you select it, you will see the actual logs that have been saved. There, tap the Share icon located in the top right corner, and email the crash log to Swapcard. If you have already been in touch with our Support Team, please type the original ticket ID in the subject line or the name of the person you have been working with.

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