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Marking AI recommendations as irrelevant
Marking AI recommendations as irrelevant
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What are AI recommendations?

Thanks to our AI-powered matchmaking, Swapcard highlights Items and Sessions that match your interests as an Attendee. Swapcard's AI models are already trained and iterated on a regular basis and, Attendees can also bookmark Items or Sessions recommendations as irrelevant, making them a part of this powerful AI process. Basically, as recommendations get rejected by an Attendee, the system learns and adapts future proposed matches accordingly.

Attendees have the ability to mark some AI matches as irrelevant. Doing so, helps Swapcard provide better matches, making the Event experience even better.


Depending on the Event you are attending, Items can have slightly different meanings: they can be products, services, courses, job offers, and so on.


Sessions are the heart of Event programs but can be flexible too, including multiple activity formats, such as keynotes and panels.

Marking Items and Sessions as irrelevant

To mark recommendations as irrelevant, Attendees simply need to click the ‘X’ button on the top right corner of the presented match. After this action, the marked Item or Session will not be recommended anymore, and the system will learn and adjust its recommendations. The action can also be quickly undone by pressing the “undo” option at the bottom of the screen.


Marking People AI recommendations as irrelevant

To do this, Attendees can simply click the ‘x’ in the top right corner of the presented matches.


Once the action has been performed, the marked profile will not be recommended anymore, and the system will learn and adjust the recommendations accordingly.


If you marked an AI match as irrelevant, you have a few seconds to undo the action by clicking on Undo.

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