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I didn't receive a login email, what should I do?
I didn't receive a login email, what should I do?
Updated over a week ago

All the emails sent from Swapcard are sent from It is possible that this email ended in your Spam folder.

Check your mailbox

If not, check that the email address you are using is correct and contact the Support Team through the following link. We will then send you a Magic Link personally.

Please note the Magic Link is valid for 1 hour only

Check with your IT department

It is sometimes possible that the email address to which we send our communications is blocked by your professional mailbox.

If several people from the same company participate in the Event and none of them receives the Magic Link, please ask your IT department to authorize the email address to facilitate future communications.

Note that we do not send commercial emails.

Magic Links are private, don't share them.

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