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Meeting availability management for Exhibitors
Meeting availability management for Exhibitors
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From the Exhibitor Center, Exhibitors can specify the date and time they are available to meet with prospective clients.

How to

To do this, they can go to the Exhibitor Center and choose Meetings → Availability from the menu on the left. Slots can be checked and unchecked, depending on meeting availability.


Booth availability VS Individual availability

This slot availability management only affects the Exhibitor Booth and not each individual Exhibitor Team Member's availability. By unselecting a slot in the Exhibitor Centre, Team Members will be unable to send a meeting request for this slot from the Exhibitor’s page. However, Participants will still be able to directly request a meeting with a specific Team Member of the Exhibitor Booth if said Team Member is personally available at this slot based on their own individual availability settings in the event, as detailed in this article: How to manage my meetings and my availabilities?

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