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  • Marking proposed "AI matches" recommendations as irrelevant

    What are AI matches Swapcard provides powerful networking tools that empower Organizers to create compelling Events a...

  • How to export my contacts

    This article will show you how to download all the contacts that you have personally made, whether you're on a deskto...

  • Who's in my contacts?

    In the tab My contacts under your profile’s name, you can find all the contacts made throughout all the events you've...

  • How to qualify my contacts?

    Whether at a virtual or a physical event, you have the possibility to assign a score, keywords and take notes direct...

  • How to sort my contacts?

    To order your contacts, go to the "My Contacts" tab. You can then choose to sort your contacts by: first name (alph...

  • How to delete a contact?

    To delete a contact, go to the "Contacts" tab of your account and select the contact you wish to delete. Then click ...

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  • Bookmarking Sessions - My Event Button

    Before, during, and after an Event, you can bookmark Sessions. With this, you can quickly access them under the My Ev...

  • Browse the program

    It is often difficult to browse a program that can be very rich. Thanks to Swapcard, you can filter the program of y...

  • Managing the My Event button

    The My Event button can be used to manage your Meetings, easily find Bookmarked Sessions and Exhibitors as well as a...

  • Exporting my meetings, schedule and bookmarks

      It is possible to export your confirmed meetings as well as the sessions you have bookmarked or products you have s...

  • How to use Auto-follow

    If your event has a Live Session button, you can click on it to be redirected to any ongoing session.  Once on the s...

  • List of field limits and formats

    All of the field limits and photo dimensions for the different areas of the platform can be found here.    People Pic...

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