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How to qualify a contact

Adding a score, tags and notes to your contacts to enhance your post-event follow-up.

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Whether participating in a virtual or in-person event, you can enhance the profiles of attendees you connect with by assigning scores, tags, and taking notes.

Once you connect with another attendee, following an accepted connection or meeting request, or after scanning their badge, you can enrich their contact profile with personal details. This helps in follow-up and recalling the details of your discussion.

It's important to note that the additions of scores, tags, and notes are private, visible only to you and, if applicable, to your team members if you are an exhibitor sharing your connections.

How to add score, tags and notes on a contact

After establishing a connection with someone, you can add a score, tags, and notes to their profile.

  1. Open the Web or Mobile app and navigate to the contact page.

  2. Locate the Lead Qualification section and click Qualify.

  3. Assign a score (ranging from 1 to 5), add tags, and enter notes, then click Save to finalize the updates.

Important to note

The standard qualification features include Score, Tags, and Notes. If you are an exhibitor and the organizer has granted you permission, you may access the advanced Lead Qualification feature, which enables you to add additional qualification fields.

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