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Using the Lead Qualification feature
Using the Lead Qualification feature
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Lead Qualification is a feature designed for Exhibitors. It consists of a custom set of questions created to qualify your contacts.

All members of your team will have the same qualification form ensuring the unified approach. After scanning attendees badges during onsite events, or even when e-connecting with people via the Event App, exhibitor members have the option to seamlessly qualify their leads using a pre-created survey.

🚫 Feature Access Restrictions
Access to the Lead Qualification feature is at the discretion of the event organizer. If you wish to create a custom qualification form, please reach out to the organizer for permission.

If you got access to the Lead Qualification feature, you'll be able to create one form per event. Each form will be automatically shared with all exhibitor members.

If you don't have the Lead Qualification feature for exhibitor, you can still qualify your contacts using default qualification fields: Score, Tags and Note, which are available for all. Learn more about How to qualify a contact.

How to create your Lead Qualification form

  1. Access the Exhibitor Center

  2. Go to Leads in the left menu, then Lead qualification

  3. Click on Customize lead qualification

4. Click on Create a qualification field to start adding fields to your qualification form.

5. From the right side panel, drag Single choice, Multiple choices or Long text in your form according to the type of field you want to create.

6. Once added to your form, click edit icon to rename the field and related option values (if single and multiple choices). You can also reorder your fields and delete them by clicking on the proper icon.

N.B. Score Tags and Note are default qualifiers and can not be deleted.

How to qualify a contact using your Lead Qualification form

Once you connect with an attendee, following an accepted connection or meeting request, or after scanning their badge, you can qualify your contact.

  1. Open the Web or Mobile app and navigate to the contact page.

  2. Locate the Lead Qualification section and click Qualify.

3. The qualification form that you've created will open. All your team member will see the same form for the event, and will be able to complete it for each of their contact they have made in the event.

If one of your team member has already qualified a contact, you will be able to see it and the details of their qualification. Even if a contact has already a qualification made by your colleague, you're still able to add your own qualification as well.

All the qualification answers made by your team will be available in the global export of your team's contacts.

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