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How to book a meeting with an exhibitor?
How to book a meeting with an exhibitor?
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It is possible, depending on the events, to be able, in addition to sending connection requests, to send meeting requests to people or exhibitors.

There are two ways to book a meeting with an exhibitor:

1) You can book a meeting with one of the members of the exhibiting company.

To learn who to do so, see How to book a meeting with a person?

2) You can book a meeting with the exhibiting company directly.

To do this, go to the page of an exhibiting company by going to the list of exhibitors:


Click on one of the proposed meeting slots. If you want to see other slots, click on see more slots.


After selecting meeting a slot, choose a meeting place and write a message if you wish. Once done, click on "send meeting request."


A pending meeting is blocking a meeting slot. If your meeting is not confirmed or refused after a few days, do not hesitate to cancel it in order to free up this meeting slot. If you want to make a change to the time or location of the meeting, you will need to cancel the existing meeting and send a new request.

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