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Bookmarking and Registering for Sessions
Bookmarking and Registering for Sessions
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Registering for Sessions

To find all the Sessions available during an event, go to the Agenda tab ( this tab can have a different name depending on the Organizer's settings).

For virtual on-demand sessions, bookmarking means you're planning to attend the session, hence registering. However, live sessions require a more precise registration, which can look like the screenshot below.

You'll also be able to see the number of seats left and if the time and duration of the session is in conflict with a sessions you already bookmarked/registered to.

When you bookmark or register to a Session that conflicts with another one, you will get a warning message if the Organizer doesn't allow for double attendance.

Bookmarking Sessions

Before, during, and after an Event, you can bookmark Sessions. With this, you can quickly access them under the My Event Button.

To bookmark a Session, you simply need to click on the dedicated icon located on the Session's page. Once bookmarked, the grey icon will turn to the color set up by the Event Organizer to highlight such actions.

How to: find bookmarked Sessions

A button is displayed on both the Event Home and the top navigation bar, as shown below. Clicking on the My Event Button displays all the Sessions previously bookmarked by you as an Attendee. Your booked Meetings will also be listed there, in chronological order.

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