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Analyzing Booth statistics and engagement post-event
Analyzing Booth statistics and engagement post-event
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Once the Event is over, it is important to analyze the statistics and engagement generated through your Exhibitor Booth to continue doing what worked well and change what didn't for future editions.

1. Export your Team's Contacts

To export your Team's Contacts, follow the steps listed here: Exhibitor Booth: exporting your team's Contacts.

  • Use the keywords and scores assigned to the Contacts to filter the Excel file.

  • Identify the hours in which most interactions took place

  • Import the data into your CRM

  • Measure the performance of Team Members individually

2. Export your Team's Meetings

To export your Team's Meetings, follow the steps listed here: Exporting my meetings, schedule and bookmarks

  • Count how many Meetings took place

  • Evaluate how many of them were successful

  • Measure the number of busy Meeting Slots out of the total available for the Event.

3. Analyze your Company's statistics

Ask the Organizer to send you the figures related to the different communication actions your Company has sponsored:

  • Notifications sent to Attendees

  • List of Attendees registered to your sponsored Sessions

  • Number of clicks on your Company logo from the Event Homepage

Please remember that the Event App and the content of the Event remain available after the Event. Therefore, you can still interact with other People and quietly analyze all the data and content.

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