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Adding Team Members to your Exhibitor Booth
Adding Team Members to your Exhibitor Booth
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Adding Team Members to your Exhibitor Booth directly from the Exhibitor Center is straightforward.

How to access the Exhibitor Center

There are multiple ways to access the Exhibitor Center – if you are not familiar with them, please check Accessing the Exhibitor Center before continuing.

How to add Team Members

Once you are in the Exhibitor Center, click on Your team.


Click on the Add a member button located on the right-hand side in the Your team tab.


You will be prompted to type in the email address of the person (soon-to-be Team Member) you wish to add to your Exhibitor Booth.


It's important to note that you will only be able to invite someone as a Team Member if they have already registered/been added to the Event or Community the Exhibitor Booth belongs to.

If the user is not part of the Event or Community, an error message will be displayed, as shown below:


Other considerations

If you do not see the Add a member button on the right, it means the Event Organizer has disabled the Exhibitor's ability to add members from their end.
Please note that this is at the Organizers' discretion and is often based on the different package tiers the Organizing team has set up.

If you have inquiries regarding this, please feel free to contact them directly. You can find their contact information in their registration tool.

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