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Locating an Exhibitor's booth during an Event
Locating an Exhibitor's booth during an Event
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For any onsite or hybrid event, you can use the floor plan to locate an Exhibitor's booth, only if the event's Organizer enabled this feature.

From the event map

If the Organizer enabled it, you'll have an event map during the event. It will be one of the event's pages and the name of the page will be defined by the Organizer so it may vary.

To find an Exhibitor's booth, just type their name in the search bar.

From the Exhibitor's profile

You can also access the map directly from the Exhibitor's profile.

Once you're in their profile, just look for the section "Location" then "Open map", which will open the event's map.

Once you open the map, it will automatically pinpoint the Exhibitor's booth.

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