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Navigating and connecting with Exhibitors
Navigating and connecting with Exhibitors
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Learn how to find the Exhibitors' list at your event and explore their profiles and offerings. Bookmarking exhibitors allows for quick access to their products and services, and scheduling meetings is made simple.

How to find the Exhibitors' list

Depending on the type of event you're attending and the Event Organizer, you can access Exhibitors' profile and items.

To do so, find the Exhibitors tab in your event (please note that the name of the tab is decided by the Event Organizer so it may differ).

On the Exhibitors' page, you can filter depending on the information made available by the Organizer but also bookmark one or various Exhibitors by clicking on the bookmarking button ( see the arrow ).

How to bookmark an Exhibitor

Bookmarking an Exhibitor allows you to easily find them to see the products and services they offer as well as booking a meeting.

To see all your bookmarked companies, go to the "My event" page.

If you want more information on an Exhibitor, just click on their card to access their profile.

How to contact an Exhibitor

By chat

To contact an Exhibitor, you can send a message directly from their Exhibitor profile.

By booking a meeting

You'll also be able to connect with them and book a meeting ( find out more here)

By sending a contact request to a team member

In the Team section of an Exhibitor's profile, you can send a contact request to one of their team members and send a message to them once the request has been accepted.

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