Managing my team members roles

Admin or limited roles can be assigned to exhibitor members in order to manage permissions of Exhibitor Center features.

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🚫 Feature Access Restrictions
Access to Exhibitors' member roles is at the discretion of the event organizer. If you wish to give different access settings to your team members, please reach out to the organizer for permission.

Why managing Team Member Roles is critical for event efficiency

Assigning specific roles to your team members within the Exhibitor Center is crucial for maintaining platform security and operational efficiency. By delineating roles such as Admin and Limited Access, exhibitors can ensure that access to sensitive functionalities—like company details editing, document management, and lead access—is carefully controlled. This limits the risk of erroneous data manipulation or unauthorized access to critical information.

What are the different exhibitors’ members roles

You can use roles for members of your company to define access levels to the Exhibitor Center.

Two roles are available: Admin (the default one) and Limited Access.


Limited Access

Company Details Editing


No (view only)

Documents and Items Management

Yes* (add and manage documents, links, and items)

No (view only)

Team Management

Yes (add new members* and modify their visibility settings or roles)


Leads Access

Yes* (full access to the page and export)


Meetings Access

Yes (full access to the page and export)


Access to the Exhibitor Chat in the Event App



* if the feature has been enabled by the Event Organizer

Limited-role users will see this message if they are trying to access restricted content.

How to upgrade members' roles from the Exhibitor Center

You can edit a member's role directly from their profile, in the Team members section.

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