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When to contact the Event Organizer?
When to contact the Event Organizer?
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Swapcard is a platform used by Organizers to host their Community and Events. As the platform provider, we do not directly manage or handle content and registrations. Our team can assist you with any technical queries and troubleshooting related to the app's functionalities. Below are some of the most common scenarios and questions that can help you get acquainted with the platform and set you up for success.

Which topics are handled by the event organizer ?

The topics listed below fall outside the scope of assistance our platform support team can provide. Please contact the Event Organizer directly for responses to these matters.

Questions to ask before the event

  • Event's location : how to get to the event, transfers to and from the event, etc.

  • Accommodation

  • Pricing : promo codes, refunds, invoices.

Questions to ask during the event

  • Session recordings, session presentation and the availability of the Event on the platform.

  • Technical issues : internet access, sound experience

Questions to ask after the event

  • Downloadable material, on-demand access

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