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Generating a QR code for my Exhibitor Booth
Generating a QR code for my Exhibitor Booth
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Understanding QR codes for Exhibitors

On-site visitors can scan these QR codes using their phone's camera, any QR code scanner, or the scanning feature within Swapcard or the branded app. Once scanned, visitors are seamlessly redirected to the exhibitor's virtual booth, with the included benefit of automatically adding the company to their 'favorites' list.

Both exhibitors and organizers can access information to see who has scanned the QR codes on-site. These details can be found in the reports section, either directly in the Studio or the Exhibitor Center.

Previously, organizers manually generated QR codes for exhibitor virtual booths. However, the new feature simplifies and streamlines this process by automatically generating QR codes. Exhibitors can conveniently access this feature directly from the Exhibitor Center, with the added option to customize the QR code according to their branding.


At the exhibitor level

  • Go to Content → Exhibitors

  • Choose the exhibitor

  • Click on the “Settings” tab

  • Allow to download QR code is now available

The automated QR code generation feature by Swapcard revolutionizes visitor engagement and drives more leads to exhibitors.

Exhibitors can effortlessly drive interactions by placing QR codes at their booths, enabling visitors to scan and instantly access their virtual booth. With seamless integration into Swapcard or the branded app, or through web mobile browsers, visitors can explore company details and products, initiate chats, request meetings, and add favorites.

By leveraging this user-friendly feature, exhibitors can maximize engagement, boost brand visibility, and optimize lead generation, gaining a significant advantage at events.

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