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How to manage my email notifications?
Updated over a week ago

Emails notifications

To manage the receiving of email notifications, go to the Settings tab on the web app. In Email notifications, you can activate/deactivate the following notifications:

  1. Information from the event organizer

  2. Reminder with unseen activities

  3. Reminder of unanswered requests

  4. Meetings reminder

You'll be able to manage your email preferences per community.

When an option is checked, the new preference will be set for the community and all the events linked to that community.

How to unsubscribe from emails?

Unsuscribing from an email

To stop receiving newsletters about an event you attended or are attending, simply check your inbox for the last email you received from Swapcard and at the bottom of the email you will see the link to unsubscribe.

The link will take you to the studio to manage your email notifications.

To stop receiving specific emails, uncheck the type of email you longer wish to receive.

If you want to unsubscribe from emails related to a community, just uncheck the Community box.

Unsuscribing from your emails inbox

For emails sent from our platform to Gmail and Yahoo, you'll now find a One-Click Unsubscribe button at the top. Clicking it immediately removes you from the sender list, no further action required.

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