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How to connect with other attendees
How to connect with other attendees
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On web

Connecting with another attendee

To connect with another attendee on web, open the event you're attending and look for the Attendees page. Please note that the name of the page depends on the Organizer settings so it can bear different names.

Once in the Attendees page, find the person you want to connect with and click on the Connect button.

If you can't find the person you're looking for it may be because their profile is not visible.

Once you've clicked on the Connect button, their profile will open so you can send a message before sending the connection request - it's recommended but not mandatory.

Once the request has been accepted, you will be able to chat.

Connecting with an Exhibitor member

To connect with an Exhibitor member, you have to find the Exhibitor's page and look for the Team section in their profile.

Note that you can send a message to an Exhibitor as a company but connection request are only sent to members.

On mobile

To connect with other attendees on mobile, the process is the same.

  • attendees : find the attendees you want to connect with and click on the connect button

  • exhibitors : open the exhibitor profile and select the person you want to connect with

Connection and Meeting Request Limitation

If you attempt to send an excessive number of requests within a specified time frame, our system will intervene to maintain a high standard of user experience.

Upon reaching the connection or meeting request limit, you will receive the following alert: "You have exceeded the allowable number of consecutive requests. Please try again later."

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