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Swapcard Platform Usage: General Questions & Common Scenarios
Swapcard Platform Usage: General Questions & Common Scenarios
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Swapcard is a platform used by Organizers to host their Community and Events. As the platform provider, we do not directly manage or handle content and registrations. Our team can assist you with any technical queries and troubleshooting related to the app's functionalities. Below are some of the most common scenarios and questions that can help you get acquainted with the platform and set you up for success.

Questions for the Organizers

1. Session recordings, session presentation, downloadable material, on-demand access, and the availability of the Event on the platform.

2. CEU, CPU and other educational credits including Certificates.

3. Exhibitor package, upgrading package, transferring a ticket/pass or registration to another Attendee.

4. Inability to add a Team Member to your Exhibitor Booth as their email address is not found by Swapcard.

Login process

1. Login email not received: The login email or the "Magic Link" email is an automated email that is sent to you once your registration information is synced with Swapcard. This email is sent from and if you do not see it in your inbox it most likely could be in your spam folder or might be blocked by your company's firewall if you are using your work email address.

If your company is blocking our email, please have them whitelist and then go to the login page to receive a new magic link email after entering the email address you used to register for the event.

If you have recently registered and have not yet received a login email, it's possible that your registration data has not yet been synced with our platform. Please wait for the login email or check your spam or junk email. The email comes from If you're not getting any emails, even after having asked your company to whitelist our email addresses, please contact us.

2. Magic Link expired: The Magic Link email has a security token personalized for your email address which expires within an hour or once you click on the link. If you think your magic link may have expired, please request a new one on the login page.

3. Email address not recognized: If your email address is not recognized, it means that you've either registered for your Community or Event with a different email address or there was an email typo at registration or when you tried to log in.
Please note that If you have recently registered and have not yet received a login email, it's possible that your registration data has not yet synced with our platform. Please wait for the login email or check your spam or junk email. The email comes from

Live stream or Video playback issues

Please note that Swapcard works best with Chrome or Firefox. If you are experiencing blank pages, streaming issues, or app latency, please switch to one of these two browsers if you have been working on another browser.

Should the video player remain unavailable following a page refresh; it is most likely a security setting on your browser, device, or network blocking access to the content server. We would recommend trying the following.

  1. Try accessing the site from another browser (this gets around any browser settings that could be blocking access) If you are on a PC you should have access to Edge and if on a Mac it will be Safari

  2. Open an Incognito Window and try to access the content through this (this gets around any cached or bad data that could be held in the browser)

  3. Try on a different device (Mobile perhaps, if you are viewing on desktop)

  4. Using a different internet connection, a mobile phone with wifi turned off so it uses mobile data is a good option (this would bypass network restrictions or VPNs that may be presenting an issue).

Please note that videos are not hosted on Swapcard and that the platform only acts as a "gateway" to the event's video content, unless the Organizer is using Swapcard Stream (RTMP).

Platform navigation and User Interface Questions

1. What time zone is used for Sessions and Meetings?

By default, the system follows your device's time zone. However, you may have the option to switch to your Event's time zone on the event home page.

2. Where can I see my Meetings, Sessions, Bookmarked Companies, and Bookmarked Items?

You can see them under the "My Event" tab. This tab is sometimes renamed by the Organizers as "My Agenda", or "Personal Schedule".

3. Where do I go to send a Connection request?

You need to navigate to the profile of the user to whom you wish to send a connection and use the "Send a Connection Request" box on the right-hand side of the page. Scanning a badge while onsite also adds the scanned Attendee as a connection.

4. Where can I see all of my Messages

You can see your messages under the "messages" icon πŸ—¨ on the top of the web app page.

5. Where can I see all the Notifications and is a sound played when there is a new chat or notification?

​All notifications are shown under the "Notifications" icon πŸ””. We do not play a sound for notifications as of now but the notification icon will shake a little when there are unread notifications.

6. As an Exhibitor I need to add Team Members to my Booth.
Follow the steps here: How to add a team member to your Exhibitor booth

7. As an Exhibitor, I'm the only one in the Booth. I still receive meeting requests even when I have a confirmed Meeting for a specific time. Why does this happen and how can I fix it?

Meetings in Swapcard can be requested with an individual or with a Booth directly. Any Meeting requested for an individual profile will block off that time for that Attendee.
However, Booths can receive several meeting requests on the same time slot. The number of Meeting requests a Booth can receive per time slot is defined by the Organizer of the Event.
Exhibitor members' time slots and booths' times aren't synced, which means that all members could be unavailable, but the Booth would still show available time slots. It is not possible for now to make time slots unavailable on a booth.
​8. Where can I export my connections/contacts from?

If you are trying to export your individual profile contacts you can do so from the "Connection icon

" on the top of the web application page

If you are trying to export all of your contacts including your Teams' from your exhibitor profile then you can do that from "My profile > Exhibitor Center > Leads board


Please keep in mind:
1. You can only export confirmed connections.

2. Chats cannot be exported out as they are encrypted.

3. If you just have a meeting or a chat conversation with someone that is not a confirmed connection, they will not appear in your team's contacts

9. Where can I export the meetings from for my Booth?
You can export the meetings for your booth from "My profile > Exhibitor center > Meetings"

10. I uploaded a video banner for my booth but it is not working?
Please note that you need to enter only the ID of the video that you wish to upload. The complete URL will not retrieve the stream. You will find the Video ID in the URL of the video usually an alphanumeric one if it's YouTube and a numerical one if it is Vimeo. For the video to stream on the platform, it has to be set as "Public" or at least allowed to be streamed on "". These settings are found on the YouTube or Vimeo studio settings page.

11. I am trying to start a meeting but I get a blank/black screen with no Audio or Video. How do I fix this?

This problem usually occurs if there is a firewall that is blocking the streaming connection. Run the Pre-call test in order to determine if the system network is ready for a call.

If you need any further assistance or have additional questions, please feel free to submit a ticket to our Support Team.

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