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Understanding GDPR
Updated over a week ago

Swapcard undertakes to respect the GDPR when collaborating with event organizers.

In theory, when you register for an event, it is indicated either in the general conditions of registration for the event or in the registration form that Swapcard is a partner of the event and that the data of the participants is transferred from the organizer's database to our database in order to feed our networking platform.

Swapcard only uses your data to pre-create your account in the networking platform and only in the event for which you have registered. You own the data in your account and can delete it at any time. The same goes for our emailing.

In addition, your contact details are never transmitted to other people without your consent during the events (see What information in my profile is accessible to other participants?).

If you would like to learn more about Swapcard and the GDPR, please visit our page on this subject or contact us at

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