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Group Chats: How to chat with multiple Contacts
Group Chats: How to chat with multiple Contacts
Updated over a week ago

In your message board, along with sending messages to a Participant, you can also create a Group chat with up to 10 Participants. You can send messages, files, reactions and even have a Group video call.

Creating a Group chat

To create a Group chat, go to the Messages tab in your Swapcard profile. From there, there are two ways to create a Group chat:

  1. Via the icon beside the Search a contact field

  2. Under the person's profile card on the right, via your existing private chat with them


Note: You can only create a group chat with Participants that are in your Contacts. Those that you have messaged but are not connected with, or that are still in the pending status, cannot be added to a Group chat.

Once you have clicked on either button, that will open a New message window on the page where you can select among any of your Contacts to add to the group chat (a max of 10 people).


Rights and features

By default, the Participant who creates the Group chat will be the admin. As the admin, they have the following rights:

  • Add or remove a member

  • Rename the conversation

  • Assign or demote other admins in the chat

  • End the conversation

At any point, if a Participant would like to leave the Group chat, they can simply click on the Leave conversation button. Once they have left the chat, they will no longer see the conversation in their discussion list.

Note: If the user is the only admin, they will need to assign another admin in the Group chat before leaving.

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