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How do Roundtables work
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1. What is a roundtable?

A Roundtable session allows attendees to join a video call with other Attendees, Speakers, and Exhibitors who registered for the session in question.

A Moderator will be present to facilitate the discussion around the topic of the session.

2. How do I join a roundtable?

The Event Organizer will make a number of seats available for the Roundtable before it begins.

To guarantee your seat, you first will have to register for a session. If you are not registered for the roundtable by the time it begins, and seats are no longer available you will not be able to join the sessions once it starts.

To do so, you can go to the event's agenda and search for the roundtable session.

On the session's page, you will find:

1) The number of seats available

2) The button to Register for the session

3) A countdown indicating the amount of time left before the session starts.


Once the session is available, you will be able to join the Roundtable from the session's page simply by clicking on the Join button.


3. During the Roundtable

Once you join the room, you will be prompted to allow Swapcard to access your Camera and Microphone.

By default, everyone will join with their Camera and Microphone OFF.

Each Attendee will have all actions available for a typical video call.

On each Attendee's squared frame, a three-dot icon will allow the user to be redirected to the person's profile.


  • For non-moderated sessions, we can have a maximum of 8 people with their cameras ON at the same time

  • For moderated sessions, the limit is set at 20 people

  • If the limit is reached, attendees will see the Camera button disabled

  • On each call, we can have a maximum of 50 people with their microphones ON at the same time

Background image

The Organizer can import a background image that will be visible behind everyone in the room. For example, it is ideal if you want to feature sponsors.

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