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Speaker's guide
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This guide provides essential information for speakers participating in events powered by Swapcard. By following this guide, you can effectively manage your profile, engage with attendees, and ensure a seamless event experience.

Embrace the opportunity to share your knowledge and grow your professional network as a speaker on this dynamic platform.

What is included in your speaker's profile

Your profile shows your name, picture, job title, company name, sessions involved, and a bio description.

Make sure to correctly fill in your description, picture and social media to give the attendees the best information about your background and skills.

Go to and click "Edit" next to your profile picture to manage your profile.

Note: If these details are missing, send them to the organizer to complete your profile.

Participants can only access your profile if you are a registered user. Contact the event organizer for platform access if needed.

How to maximize your attendance

  • Make sure that your profile is completed so that attendees can access all relevant details about you

  • Share the session(s) you're speaking at on social media to boost attendance

  • Find the complete list of attendees registered for your sessions under the Attendees or Community button.

  • Connect with people of interest before, during, and after the event as you can find the attendees registered for your sessions under the Attendees or Community button. You will also have access to AI Matches at the top of the Attendees list if added by the organizer.

Tips for speaking at a virtual/hybrid session

Internet Browser

  • Use the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best experience.

  • Avoid using Internet Explorer as it may cause technical difficulties.

  • Ensure JavaScript is enabled.

System Check

  • Minimum required bandwidth for live events is 1 Mbps, with 3 Mbps being optimal.

  • Test your connection speed, browser, OS version, microphone, and webcam here.

  • A wired Ethernet connection is recommended.

Equipment Tips

  • Integrated webcams and microphones work well for small events.

  • Consider external equipment for higher quality streaming.

Presentation Tips

  • Background: Keep it simple and refined.

  • Shirt Color: Avoid patterns like stripes or squares.

  • Lighting: Use natural light or a lamp placed next to your screen.

  • Camera Position: Place the lens slightly above your head for a flattering angle.

  • Eye Contact: Look straight into the camera lens to create a sense of intimacy and engagement.

  • Preparation: Join the session 10-15 minutes early to check technical points and welcome attendees.

Engagement Tools

Use chat, questions, and polls to engage your audience. Real-time interaction and polls help capture attention and generate useful data.

Onboarding Process

  • Follow the process set by the event organizer for streaming tools.

  • Click the provided link, connect with the given credentials, and enable audio, video, and microphone.

Participating in Roundtables

  • Roundtables allow group video calls set up by the organizer.

  • As a speaker, you can request moderator rights to manage participants.

  • Join roundtables before they start to prepare.

Capacity & Limits

  • Non-moderated sessions: Up to 8 people with cameras on.

  • Moderated sessions: Up to 20 people.

  • Maximum 50 people with microphones on per call.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Clear caches/cookies.

  • Switch browsers (Chrome/Firefox/Safari).

  • Try Incognito/Private Window.

  • Disconnect VPN if connected.

  • Ensure the latest browser version is installed.

  • Verify privacy settings on both the browser and computer.

  • Test your setup with a pre-call tool.

Being a speaker at an event offers a unique opportunity to showcase your expertise, connect with a wide audience, and enhance your professional network. Utilize the platform's robust tools to maximize your impact, and enjoy the benefits of increased visibility and meaningful interactions.

For any additional assistance, our support team is ready to help.

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