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How to Video Call with an Exhibitor without a requested meeting
How to Video Call with an Exhibitor without a requested meeting
Updated over a week ago

If the available Time Slots don't match your schedule or you want to meet up with an Exhibitor in a different time, you could manually request a meeting.

1.Request the call with the Exhibitor.

To set up a video call with an Exhibitor, an attendee can go to the Exhibitor Booth and request a call through the “Talk to the Exhibitor” chat feature.


The attendee will then have to wait until the exhibitor sees the request. It is important to note that only an exhibitor can start the video call.

2. Join the call

To join the call, you will have to check your conversations by selecting the Chat Icon in the top right corner. Then click on join the call once the Exhibitor has launched it.


Note: Only the Exhibitor can start the Video Call.

When you are using the video call feature for the first time on Swapcard, a pop-up should appear asking for permission to use your camera and microphone. If you did not see this, or accepted it and are still having issues, please follow the steps and instructions in this article to troubleshoot.

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