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Login and Magic Link

Learn about how to log in to the event platform, and what is a magic link.

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Upon registering for an event, an account is automatically created for you on the event platform, eliminating the need for you to sign up once more.

To access your account, you must receive a magic link via email.

🔍 A magic link is a secure, password-free method allowing attendees and exhibitors immediate access to their accounts.

How to receive a magic link?

1. Via Event Organizer Emails

After registration, you'll receive emails from the Event Organizer containing buttons that link directly to the event platform, logging you in automatically. On mobile devices with the event app installed, these links will open the app and log you in directly.

Magic links in these emails are valid for 72 hours. After expiry, clicking the link will redirect you to the login page, where you'll need to request a new magic link by entering your email.

2. Via the Login Screen

Whether you've downloaded the mobile app or are accessing the web version, if you're not logged in, you'll be taken to the Login screen. Here, by entering your email, you will either be prompted to enter your password (if previously set) or notified that a magic link has been sent to your email.

If you're unsure of your password, you can request a magic link by clicking on the respective option. Learn more about resetting your password here.

Login issues

1. Unrecognized Email Address

If you encounter an error stating your email is not linked to any registration, it could mean you used a different email or made a typo. If this happens shortly after registration, it might be due to a delay in syncing your data.

Otherwise, please contact the event organizer.

2. Magic Link Email Not Received

Your email address is recognized, the interface tells you that "we just sent you an email", but you do not receive anything in your mailbox?

Please first click on "Send me a one-time login code instead" at the bottom of the view "An email is on its way". This email contains a 6 character code.

Please check in your spam or junk folder.

The email is usually sent from, but it can also be sent from a custom email address that the event organizer has defined.

The email might be blocked by your company's firewall if you are using your work email address. In this case please ask your IT department to whitelist

If issues persist, please contact us here by fill out the form so our support team can assist you.

3. Expired Magic Link

Magic links expire for security reasons. By clicking again on the link, you will simply have to start the login again by inserting your email address to receive a new magic link.

4. Event Not Found After Login

Once you are logged in, you need first to enter into the right Community (if you are part of multiple communities)
At the bottom of the Community Home page, you simply have to click on the event to access it.

If you don't see the event and you're using Swapcard app or the web version, it could be due that the event is hosted in a dedicated mobile application and web domain. Clicking into any email sent by the Event Organizer will make you redirect to the right domain.

If you still don't see the event, please contact us here by fill out the form so our support team can assist you.

5. Other reason

Ensure you're using a compatible browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox) without pop-up blockers. Copying and pasting the link between different browsers won't work.

For any issues not covered here, please reach out to our support team here for help.

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