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Adding Items to an Exhibitor Company profile
Adding Items to an Exhibitor Company profile
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The Exhibitor Center's Items feature is very useful to highlight all the products, services or job offers available at your Exhibitor Booth.

However, please note that these options might not always be available for you as an Exhibitor. Indeed, it is entirely at the Organizer’s discretion to enable it or not.

Adding Items to your Company profile as an Exhibitor

  1. Go to the Exhibitor Center (see: Exhibitor Center 101)

  2. Click on Company profile in the left sidebar

  3. There, if the feature has been enabled by the Organizer, you will see a pre-determined list of Item Types (a.k.a. categories, here "Products" and "Job Offers"), that are also created at Organizer-level.

  4. To create an Item, click on the desired Item Type, and then on the Create button.

  5. Enter a Name and Description (optional) and click on the Create button.

  6. On the next screen, one has the ability to also add a photo to the Item that has just been created.


Complete as much information as possible to get your products, services, and job offers to the top of the list and set you apart from other Exhibitors! You can also edit the displayed order of your Items on your Company profile.

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