Exhibitor Center 101
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Accessing the Exhibitor Center

Via the Web App


From the Event Home you can access the Exhibitor Center either from the top-right corner menu or on the left-hand side just below your profile

Please note that in order to see these options as available on your end, it is necessary that the Organizer first sets you up properly as an Exhibitor on their end. If none of these are visible to you, it means that you haven't been added as an Exhibitor – only as an Attendee. If you believe this is a mistake, please reach out to the Organizer or any relevant point of contact within your company. Our Support Team isn't authorized to modify on behalf of the Organizer.

Via a mobile app

From the mobile apps (Android and iOS) the option Exhibitor Center will be shown tapping on the "Profile" tab of the application (the rightmost icon on the menu bar) and tap on "Exhibitor Center".


Exhibitor's items

At this point, you will find a left main menu that allows navigating through the following features if they have been enabled by the event organizer.
(click the section name to see more information)

  1. Home: An introduction about what Exhibitor Center can make for you and your company.

  2. Company Profile: This allows you to make an essential briefing on Overview, add a featured video, upload helpful Documents, and Attach Products to your booth that you can promote to visitors.

  3. Meetings:Allow you to keep your Meetings organized, edit, and manage which member of your team would attend them.

  4. Leads: Organize, filter, and export the People/Companies added as your teams' contacts.

  5. Your Team: Add your Team Members who are registered for the event so you can all access the same interface.

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